Innovative educational approaches in Social Economy (SE) study programmes

   Online survey for SE Organisations



Social Economy 4Ces[1] is an ongoing Knowledge Alliances project engaging 9 partners from 5 different European countries – which aims at mobilising Social Economy (SE) educators, students and relevant stakeholders in order to develop innovative teaching methods for Social Economy study programmes. We are particularly interested in a specific methodology, which is inspired by the Living Labs approach, with the aim to construct our unique Social Economy Living Labs (SELLs).

This is why we invite you as SE organisations/professionals to share with us your perspectives, your experience and ideas about what an education programme needs to have and how innovative educational approaches could be co-crated and co-designed. 

Thank you for your participation and for helping us design innovative, co-teaching/co-learning approaches in the SE area. Your opinion matters!

Estimating survey completion time: 20 minutes

Please, note that the platform give you the possibility to partially fill in the questionnaire, save and complete at a later stage.


[1] This survey is organized under the ERASMUS+ project “Social Economy 4Ces” that aims to create a MSc programme on ‘Social Economy and Community Development’ by bringing together SE professors/educators, SE students and SE professionals in order to develop innovative teaching and learning methods for Social Economy study programmes.

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